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Retail AI Leadership

Hiro Nagata, CEO

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Hiro Nagata is Chief Executive Officer at Retail AI. He is responsible for Retail AI’s vision and overall business and R&D operations. Prior to this role, he led Corporate Venture Capital in TRIAL group, Retail consulting firm in Beijing, and Big data analysis startup in Silicon Valley.

Sean Nishikawa, Chairman

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Sean(Shinji) Nishikawa is Chairman and a lead engineer at the entire of TRIAL group. Prior to joining TRIAL group, he worked for Panasonic, where he managed marketing of IT products in the US and established a technology start up company with a US partner company.

Teru Tanaka, COO

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Teru Tanaka is Chief Operating Officer at Retail AI, overseeing global strategy and business development. Prior to joining Retail AI, he led global business expansion for Rakuten’s e-commerce business and served as an account executive for global telecom clients in Fujitsu. He earned an MBA from MIT Sloan School Management.

Shumpei Konda, CFO

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Shumpei Konda is Chief Financial Officer at Retail AI, covering all strategic and operational financial management to pursue the company’s growth strategy. Prior to joining Retail AI, he worked as Vice President for Mizuho Security, where his main role was advisory for venture's IPO and M&A.

Prof. Hirofumi Tatsumoto, External Director

Hirofumi Tatsumoto is External Director at Retail AI. He is a professor at Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, and a leading scholar of Platform Strategy for Global Business Ecosystem. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from The University of Tokyo.

Senior Experts

Tommy Taguchi, Senior Executive Officer

Tommy (Tomishige) Taguchi is Senior Executive Officer at Retail AI Lab. He leads the development of system integration for IoT devices and manages our production partner for our IoT devices. Prior to joining Retail AI Lab, he worked for CANON, where he developed a network security camera system as Head of Department.

Naofumi Yanagihara, Executive Officer

Naofumi Yanagihara is Executive Officer at Retail AI Lab. He leads the development of our AI/image and video processing technology. Prior to joining Retail AI Lab, he was Chief Distinguished Engineer at Sony, where he has developed image and video processing technology for "BRAVIA" TV, "α" ILC and "PlayStation". He was a visiting researcher at Columbia University.

Norifumi Katafuchi, Executive Officer

Norifumi Katafuchi is Executive Officer at Retail AI Lab. He is an experienced product leader with specialization in image recognition. Prior to joining Retail AI Lab, he worked for NTT R&D, where he developed remote monitoring system with multiple cameras as a software expert in the field of computer vision and machine learning. He holds a master's degree in Engineering from Kyoto University. 

Yasuomi Shinohara, Senior Software Architect

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Yasuomi Shinohara is Senior Software Architect at Retail AI Lab. He leads the development of IoT architect. Prior to joining Retail AI Lab, he worked for OLYMPUS, where he developed "Digital Single Lens Reflex camera OM-D/PEN series” and “Compact Digital camera Tough series" as project manager.